back to article MPs question Capgemini's HMRC profits

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has recommended that HM Revenue and Customs "rigorously benchmark" its 10-year deal with Capgemini after a steep rise in its revenue and profits from the deal after only three years. The contract HMRC awarded Capgemini in 2004 allowed the department to consider price changes if additional …


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Anonymous Coward

All that money spent,and it still don't work.

until recently i used to process claims to Incapacity Benefit.

to qualify for the benefit you need to have paid enough National Insurance contributions in the last 3 full financial years.

due to a monumental fuck up thousands of folks have not had the Contributions that they paid in tax years 2004/05 and 2005/06 entered onto the system,it says they have paid nothing.

this shortfall could lead to not being paid benfit for a period of illness or may affect pension entitlement.

it was still a problem 5 weeks ago ,when i left for a new job.

i do not know if it is being /has been fixed yet.

i somehow doubt it.

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