back to article EMC Avamar extends to NAS and virtual machines

EMC Corporation has announced new data deduplication capabilities in EMC Avamar version 3.7, which now also supports VMware Consolidated Backup (VCB) for the protection and reduction of backup times within and across virtual machines. Avamar backup and recovery software features unique global data deduplication technology …


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Anonymous Coward

EMC late again

Customers using NetApp and others instead of overpriced Celerra have enjoyed thin provisioning of systems and therefore deduplicated disk and backup for quite a while now.

This is EMC being dragged forward by their customers and the competition, still years behind.


Netapp way behind

Thin provisioning and de-duplication are different.

Netapp have only picked de-dupe up recently – check the registers article here:

EMC acquired Avamar ages ago.

Given this who do you think has the better product....? ummm let me think about that for all of 2 seconds...

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