back to article EU aims to stop 'visa shopping'

The European Parliament has approved draft proposals for a biometric database to prevent people who are refused a visa by one Schengen country from applying to other member states. The proposals, approved on 7 June 2007, are aimed at preventing the practice, known as "visa shopping", through the establishment of the Visa …


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Anonymous Coward

UK should be barred from joining

The system is to strengthen the border controls for third country nationals who need a visa to enter Europe.

UK requires all third party nationals get a visa, even ones legally resident in the EU who have free movement within the schengen zone and a residence card.

So they should be turned down, until they fully implement the 'EU Residence permit as visa equivalent' rule.

Letting UK join would strengthen the barrier between the UK and EU for third country nationals married to EU citizens. It would make it harder to cross the English Channel. That is COUNTER to the EU treaty.

In other words, they should insist on some sort of quid pro quo.

It's insane that anyone who is legally residence in Europe, and has all the permits, and has the legal right to travel, still need to get a visa to travel to the UK.


Cherry picking

Typical UK, cherry picking the bits it likes from the EU, it should either be in or out, it just shows its like the US government where it has more faces then Big Ben, then always moving the goal posts afterwards.

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