back to article Google promises mobile software platform to challenge Windows

The most critical battle in the wireless world is to take the reins of the mobile internet as it evolves, and that means all the majors are trying to create a software platform that will make the web even more usable on a small device than it is on a PC, and so drive new applications and revenue streams. The company that …


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Can't see why there is such a hype about this. Maybe the technology behind it is really cool, but in terms of real use I think it's a dead duck.

Our business needs it's 24/7 high speed web access to the desktop, so there not a huge need for Gears there. Our mobile base uses their PDA's/SmartPhones for calls, and for Exchange Push Email plus a little bit of PIM. (Again from Exchange). Mobile devices will not in the near future be a propper web client - screen and interface is too limited.

Plus taking on Nokia/Symbian which supports Java out of the box, and Microsoft who support the .Net CF out of the box is going to be a huge task.

Don't forget, Google is a great search engine, and Gmail/Maps are quite popular - but hardly killer apps. Trying to hard I think Google.

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