back to article McCain wants Ballmer as ambassador to China

Irascible chair-flinging corporate tyrant Steve Ballmer could be in the running for a top government job, it was revealed last week. Presidential hopeful John McCain, speaking at the D: All Things Digital conference, announced plans to co-opt various tech industry luminaries in the event of reaching the White House. According …


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  1. Tr0n

    Vive le Ballmer!

    I'm thinking Ballmer would be the perfect Emperor - err, I mean embassador - to China.. His communist operating system will work well there..

    Oh wait, he called Linux communist!

    You know, communist - the fact everything has to be closed off, limited, and forbidden. You have to do everything ONE way.

    For FUD's sake!

  2. Ted Treen

    A cunning plan

    Either the man (John McCain) is totally stark raving mad, or it's a cunning plan, worthy of Baldrick, to send the renowned furniture-throwing potty-mouth somewhere where he just might disappear.

    Come to think of it, we could appoint Prescott as ambassador to Uzbekistan.....

  3. muzchap


    Hey why are we tyrannising a person who likes to act normal!

    If only you could scream and below at work - kick chairs around, smash up everything - it would be ace.

    Hang on - why do I feel like doing that at work.

    Oh yeah - because my PC keeps doing things I don't want it to do - or stupid users think the moon can be delivered on a stick in 5 different flavours because they read marketing literature that promises the earth and delivers nothing!

    So yeah 'communism' is the nu cool comrade!

  4. Jan

    Former Soviet Republic of Ubuntu

    Please, Ambassador Ballmer I am not sure you understand, we simply can't launch an arial assult on Ubuntu.

  5. Jan Buys

    oh dear...

    I feel World War III coming...

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    More noise from McCain


    Luckily John McCain, invented war-hero, who is spinning faster than an Iranian centrifuge and driving on the right of the Pretzel President has absolutely zero chance of getting into the White House

    (...whereby I make the sign of the cross twice and throw a hare's paw around for good measure)

    Ballmer would only be in China for a couple of months until a nuclear exchange over Taiwan would take place.

  7. Mike Richards Silver badge

    Seems fitting

    John McCain, a man whose temper tantrums are legendary is looking for a fellow playmate.

    If he's elected I'd give the world 20 minutes before a 'developers! developers! developers!' chair-chucking tantrum went nuclear.

  8. J

    Better idea

    I think North Korea would suit his personality better...

  9. Robert Ramsay

    As the Vulcans say...

    "Only Ballmer could go to China..."

  10. Keith Doyle

    Fishing expedition?

    You don't suppose McCain could be fishing for campaign contributions...

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