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Think streams, not files. That is the key concept of AccuRev, a source-code management system which is winning praise for its innovative and effective approach. "Streams are high-level objects almost like containers for versions of files, but they are the main objects in the system," says vice president of technology Brad Hart …


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AccuRev updates are a breeze

I question the last statement made...

"Another issue is the upgrades. There seems to be little compatibility between versions of the clients and the server, so you end up doing a flag day upgrade which, if you've got 50 or 60 people, becomes a nuisance."

We have been using AccuRev for right at 3 years now. The last several major upgrades and minor updates have been a breeze. It is true that for major upgrades the server and client versions must match, but for the updates they do not. This seems to be the norm for all the products we run....

In our environment we plan weeks before the major upgrade to ensure there is no impact to project, take the system down for less than half an hour to do the upgrade (backup already having been done) and then we are up and running again, with a note to the clients that now is the time to upgrade to the new level. They know it is coming and it takes each client less than 5 minutes to upgrade. Never had an issue, never backed an upgrade off the system, never thought twice about doing an upgrade.

Updates are even easier and can be accomplished on the server in under 10 minutes and on the clients in under 5 minutes, IF they choose to upgrade. It is not required that the server and client match at the upgrade level. You can function just fine with a 4.5.2 server and a 4.5.0 client. I have several of these in my environment now.

I can honestly say that keeping my AccuRev up to date is the easiest of ALL the tools we run in house. Certainly has the least impact on project work.

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