back to article Yahoo! Europe! upgrades! ad! platform!

Yahoo! Europe is starting a staged upgrade of its sponsored search advertising platform - the project previously known as Panama. From today, advertisers will start to receive emails explaining features and offering the chance to upgrade. But the system is rolling out in waves over several months and advertisers will get two …


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Anonymous Coward

Panama will not help Yahoo, since it sucks!

Panama is the core of Yahoo's business of search and content ads. Each year billions of dollars are generated by the ads there, i.e. this is a VERY PROFITABLE system.

So why make such a lousy application? It cannot import Google campaigns correctly although one of the changes in Panama is to make the ad size compatible with Google. (Example of things that fails is negative keywords).

Back step is not working, so the navigation makes you crazy.

It doesn't generate understandable error messages, so you have to email support all the time. One plus here that they answer emails within hours, compared to Googles days or weeks.

P.s. There are other applications out there that really suck, for example MSDN2 and Microsoft Partner Site.Why are they so sloooow? If MS customer would create applications as slow as Microsofts Partner site, they would go out of business.

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