back to article Brocade and Mercury rain cash on SEC to settle charges

Brocade and Mercury Interactive have coughed up $35m between them to settle charges they deliberately flouted SEC rules by falsifying dates of stock option grants. Mercury is stumping up $28m to settle civil fraud charges brought today by the US Securities and Exchange Commission against it and four former executives for the …


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Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde........

Criminal Justice ...... FBI SEC Style aka How to buy yourself freedom from doing time in a warped space?

Hmmm..... A Criminal Justice System in Deed, indeed.

Silver badge

Without admitting guilt ?

Nice try guys, but since you are paying, you're guilty. Because if you were innocent, you would go to court.

And I'll even say you might be innocent of what you are accused of, but by covering up and throwing the blanket over the proceedings, you're just signaling that you are guilty of something, anything, and you know it.

So you prefer to pay before the truth hits the media and we find out just exactly what kind of scumbags you really are.

You're not fooling me.

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