back to article Opteron hero Newisys goes titsup

The start-up that ignited the Opteron revolution has collapsed. One-time server darling Newisys is officially closing up shop. Its parent company Sanmina SCI this month told the Texas Workforce Commission that 87 Newisys staff will be let go as the company winds down. Newisys, based in Austin, has been part of Sanmina since …


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Sanmina selling off ??

Sanmina was a major investor in Fabric7.

I understand there was some pressure for them (Fabric7) to use Newisys designs. I wonder what happens to the Horus chipset ??? Anyway, it is interesting what they are divesting .....


victim of cultural inertia

It's a real shame to see these guys go - although I think the writing was on the wall when Sanmina bought them out.

Newisys had two real bits of innovative gold

The first was their optimisation of the high performance AMD platform (particularly around the hypertransport internal interconnect).

The second, and arguably to be proven ahead of their time, in the exploitation of a low latency & high performance external interconnect and management platform.

Sanmina never showed the vision to build on the latter - it will be interesting to see who picks up the neglected intellectual capital around this and runs with it!

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