back to article EU poised on roaming agreement (again)

The EU's much debated roaming agreement is set to take a step forward if a modified proposal is accepted by the majority in a vote tomorrow. If approved, it will be voted on by the member states on 7 June. While there is broad approval for a capped "Euro tariff", a fixed-rate tariff which all operators in Europe will be …


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Anonymous Coward

Still Too High, What About Texts?!

Personally I feel that if you travel to anywhere within the EU you should NOT be charged for receiving calls whilst abroad as this is scandalous!! Outgoing calls should be much cheaper than current rates, and calls should come out of your allowance whilst abroad as well as texts!!

What their is no mention of is whether the greedy 35p-40p per text while texting from abroad will be lowered significantly as again this is appalling, especially when TMOB only charge 20p per MMS which does not make sense it just makes it more difficult for users...

The THREE network does not charge roaming charges or they didnt. So how can they afford to when all the other networks moan about cost

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