back to article HP garage becomes national landmark

The renowned garage in Palo Alto which birthed PC titan Hewlett-Packard has been upgraded from merely state recognized landmark to getting nationally certified. That's the landmark big leagues. The garage and accompanying house at 367 Addison Avenue (pic here) has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places by the …


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Anonymous Coward

How the mighty have fallen ...

"Within the protective womb of its four walls, Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard in 1939 conceived what would become the largest PC vendor in world."

And if they could see what their company has become, I'd hazard a guess that Bill and Dave are revolving in their graves at electricity-generating speeds.


Pot meet kettle

This from the linked pic article made me chuckle.

"A note from the HP Corporate Archives:


and HP urges you to respect the privacy of our neighbors."

the word "pretext" springs to mind.


This is the same HP...

...that practically disavowed the founder families when one member dissed their planned "merger" with Compaq?

What's the company's name again?

It's "HP", no ...ewlitt or ...ackard to be seen.

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