back to article Project Hybrid: Dell's transformation begins

Dell now hints with muscularity around its future data center plans. We give you Project Hybrid. Company executives, most notably CEO Michael Dell, have spent the last few weeks positing the notion that Dell will revamp its server and storage hardware. On Thursday, Dell added the faintest touch of concrete detail to these …


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Anonymous Coward

Not enough...

As a recent convert to the Blade "hype", aside from their "proprietary nature" I personally believe they are the biggest leap forward yet in the server market and as such I will never regret the decision.

We invited IBM, HP and DELL to kit us out, but at the end of the day only IBM could meet our requirements - the reason? simply the networking flexibility, IBM offers a vast array of different switches.

Until Dell address this aspect of their chassis, they're are losing out.


Tier 1 support for Virtualization

<< Parker, however, seems to mean that no Tier 1 server seller has tied virtualization to servers in the mysterious manner that Dell plans.>>

Aside from doing some REAL ENGINEERING work (I DOUBT it) there is not much Dell can likely add to the Virtualization mix that has not already been done..

I believe HP has a whole suite of software to support VMware, MS Virtual Server and even Xen :

I'm sure IBM touts something similar. Sun will of course steer you toward "containers" on Solaris.

Maybe Dell should wait until THEY enter the realm of Tier 1 server vendors before they make such statements.....

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