back to article Scientist says nerve gas nastier than you thought

A new academic study has suggested that US troops may have been physiologically affected by exposure to low levels of sarin nerve gas in the aftermath of the 1991 Gulf War. It is believed that US soldiers occupying an Iraqi munitions depot at Khamisiyah mistakenly blew up a stockpile of gas rockets in March 1991, believing them …


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Clearly, Mr Page, your cognitive abilities have been compromised by your past profession. Have your ventricles checked today!


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there is also the

theory that gulf war syndrome is a result of the soft drinks supplied to the troops during the first Gulf War.

They were all sugar free aspartame based drinks. When a drink like that is left in the sun to heat up, the aspartame breaks down into toxic chemicals including formaldehyde.

Nice, pickled from the inside out with a DNA-unfriendly toxin.

Good on you FDA/Cheney for authorising the use of such a nasty chemical

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