back to article O2 high speed broadband stuck in the garage

O2 has been forced to delay integrating its ISP business into a bundle package again, this time until at least September. The mobile operator said it was still not ready to roll out a converged bundle. It missed its last launch date for broadband in January, saying June would be the target. O2 paid £50m for Be* last year. The …


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Anonymous Coward

Are you kidding me??

Sky Broadband is shocking!! Not only have they changed the software on the routers, my wifi keeps getting disconnected every few hours, and the adsl link keeps disappearing. A reboot sorts this out but its so annoying! My Linksys router used to be connected for days without any problems!

My router failed with the wifi 3 weeks ago, promptly rung Sky and they said they would send me a new one in 3 - 5 working days. 6 days later still no router.

Rung them back and was advised someone was going to call me. The next day another agent called me back and went through the same details and guess what, still didnt work.

My new router then turned up 4 days later. This worked for another 3 days then completely died again! Guess what, same troubleshooting even though it would not switch on this time!!

So here i am with my new router another 5 days after logging the call!

The only good thing is its cheap.....but thats not always the best policy!!

Disgruntled Sky customer

Anonymous Coward

It isn't all clear skies

Like the disgruntled Sky customer, I too have been the victim of Sky's incompetence.

It took 2 months after my activation date before I finally got my broadband service.

Over £170 spent calling Sky during that time (practically every day), being left on hold literally for hours before finally getting through to a call centre in India.

I was promised it'd only take 10 days to rectify the problem with the local Exchange that was hindering the ADSL signal getting to the house. Whatever issue it was, was also affecting 35 other sky customers in the area, I was told.

It's also nice to note, that you didn't mention that Sky has been given a good kick in the knickers by BBC's Watchdog for it's poor performance and customer service, as hundreds have had issues with them apparently.

On the bright side, Sky's bent over backwards to keep me as a customer, with all the typical bribes most ISP's offer. But I don't think I'll be sticking with them in the long term.


Invitation to Sky bitchfest

I don't want to turn this into a SKY BB bitchfest (well I do, but you wont let me) but it went from a happy home life with slow expensive ADSL to a screaming teenager and grumpy wife attempting to use a cheap but VERY flakey SKY Broadband. I'm in the doghouse and trying to move to BT (who own both the ISP and the line and I suspect will fix the line finally). SKY are hopeless if anything doesn't work that is not in the script.

Re Disgruntled's router problems, possibly heat build-up, put it on it's little stand and plenty of fresh air.

Is anyone ever "gruntled"?

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