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The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) has been put on the back foot over its Project Harmony initiative, following Sun Microsystems' decision to open-source most of its Java 2 Standard Edition (SE) Java Development Kit (JDK). At JavaOne today, Grier Magnusson, chairman of the Apache Harmony Project Management Committee, …


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Anonymous Coward

Apache dispute is not about classpath (or Classpath)

The content of this dispute is explained in Apache Harmony is an independent, clean implementation of Java. It has nothing to do with classpath (or Classpath).

The dispute centers around the specification lead's apparent refusal to offer license terms to Apache for the JCK which are open source compatible. Apache is a charity and can (by charter) only ship open source software.

The process under which the specification was developed is meant to gaurantee that open source implementations are possible for every specification. No license has yet been granted for any independent open source implementation.

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