back to article Watchdog slams tax credit system

Software upgrades and a redesigned e-portal have failed to convince the Public Accounts Committee that problems with tax credits can be solved. Parliament's Committee of Public Accounts said HM Revenue and Customs has failed to design the tax credits system to give proper protection against error and fraud. In a report (pdf) …


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im so sick and tired of overpaid public servants (get a job in business and see how forgiving life is) getting things constantly wrong and seeing no punishment for it. if any of these civil 'servants' (who still get pay rises and a decent pension - unlike the rest of us) were in the real world most would be unemployed

im single and dont have kids - im the tax mans best friend! yet my tax money is constantly wasted on useless systems (NHS costs £XBillion just to get drs looking at a big database - wtf?!?!), all this tax credit nonsense, and do immigrants have the right to claim tax rebaits? why? i never got ANY help when i was in a low paid job - just as i was clever enough not to have umpteen kids unlike most (yes you are poor with your family of 5 - stop having kids ffs!)

all of my english mates on low incomes (without kids) get no help from the gov, so why should foreigners?

it sounds really right wing (which i am definately not) but in the 'real world' we all have accountability - i cannot miss deadlines by a mile and come in 3 or 4x overbudget but this seems to be expected by civil servants. oh well, they will retire due to 'ill health and stress' (LMAO) on their nice pensions at 65 while im forced to work till im 90 on a heavily taxed almost worthless pension.

rant over :)

This topic is closed for new posts.


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