back to article Latent problems with people, not networks

I have a useful hot air detector. It listens for two or three keywords and marks the output of anybody using them as suspect. For example, "video conferencing", or "artificial intelligence", or "cheap fusion power". So when the new managing director of BT Global started his presentation Q&A last week by waving his arms about …


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Anonymous Coward

Yes, but when exactly?

Years ago we were told by British Telecom (the days of yellow vans) that it was going to change the world.

As an ex-BT person I'd heard all this many, many times from countless messages by countless people, year after year.

21CN is also going to change the world (well, certainly with the workforce anyway), eventually, sometime. We will all be I.P.'d up and no doubt throttled back for mis-use, then well and truly I.Peed off.

It may be bad for one's health but a large pinch of salt may need to be taken with this latest (and rather frequent) announcement about video-conferencing.

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