back to article Sony Ericsson revamps P series smart phone

Sony Ericsson is to take its P series of Symbian-running smart phones right back to basics. Last night it launched the candybar, Wi-Fi enabled P1. Sony Ericsson P1 smart phone The new handset brings the P series' look into line with Sony Ericsson's other top-of-the-range models. Once again, it uses the UIQ user interface, …


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Too little, too late...

I use to have a Sony-Ericsson P800. Loved that phone despite some of its short-comings (tendency to lock-up, habbit to dial out even when keyboard locked, etc...)

I recently decided to upgrade my phone and looked around for the P800's successor. What a disappointment: the P910 wasn't worth its weight in dog-crap, let alone the price S-E was asking for it. Lousy user interface, crippling of the side-wheel, the list goes on.

Instead I got myself a HTC Hermes (also known as the iMate JasJam) and find that while the phone is running Windows Mobile 5 (not my preferred choice), it did everything I wanted, had a good layout that felt right in my hand, and hadn't been crippled by idiots. (admittedly, the first thing I did was look for a replacement for Window Media Player Mobile 10).

So, sorry S-E... but any improvements you may have done to the P series will not bring me back to the fold - I am too scared of what else you guys have/will f*ck-up.

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