back to article Cerf seeks acolytes to carry the ICANN torch

Internet legend and ICANN Chairman Vint Cerf is finally hanging up his spurs, according to ICANN’s website. ICANN posted a video interview with Cerf on its website, as well as on YouTube and Google video. The interview is a swansong of sorts – both a paean to his tenure as chairman, and a plea for others to take up the mantle …


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"..and understand what the limitations are"

Oh, there are limitations? Who sets those? And more importantly why?

Probably Personnel Personal Reasons and/or Dodgy Staff.

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I must have missed something

"Your views and perspectives won't be heard unless you participate"

Seems to me that even some participants have had theirs views and perspectives not heard. It seems that ICANN even has great difficulty in respecting its own internal charter. Finally, it seems to me that the head of ICANN mistakes his position and that of Louis XIV.

Not really an environment I'm begging to work in.

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