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Microsoft and Teradata are both significant players in the BI market but they have wildly different approaches to the challenges of extracting information from data. The reason lies in the fact that the two companies elected to solve two very different, but equally intractable, computational problems in order to get their BI …


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The fundamental premise of this article oversimplifies a very complex technology set.

Teradata supports replication, dimensional analysis and has a slew of ETL tools

Microsoft can use pure ROLAP to build a cube over a relational store without it’s a private data mart.

I agree that many BI solutions bring cannons to a rabbit hunt, but the pretty diagrams misrepresent two very flexible and robust architectures that are not mutually exclusive.

The point to emphasize is that both are viable and can do the same work for the most part. Microsoft certainly is not ready to do to Teradata what it did to NetWare any time soon, but every release narrows the gap. Proven enterprise scales and non-Microsoft shops will keep Teradata flush for decades.

Dig deep, look for the devil in the details and keep your user community in mind as well.

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