back to article Sling throws in Mac-friendly SlingPlayer

Sling Media has released the Mac version of its SlingPlayer viewing application. It's only nine months or so behind schedule, but better late than never we say. More to the point, the UK version is available from day one. Sling Media's Slingplayer for Mac - showing Freeview SlingPlayer displays whatever video source the …


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Anonymous Coward


What we want is an AppleTV slingbox CLIENT.

Yes, imagine having your AppleTV box at the office, so you can watch your home cable/sat during lunch...

Come to think of it, why isnt there a hardware sling receiver? One with Component/HDMI/VGA out would do fine.


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Re. Pointless

Weeeelllll... since the Apple TV is a Mac OS X box, it should be able to run the Mac version of Slingplayer. Installing it won't be easy, but it's certainly possible, and with a bit of tweaking to cope with the Apple TV's limited input device, ie. the remote control, it might just work...

Anyone fancy giving it a go?

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