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I recently had a chance to talk to a couple of execs from Antenna Software - Gregg Plekan, SVP Product Development and Jim Somers, VP of Marketing – about its Antenna Mobility Platform (AMP), announced at San Francisco Gartner Symposium/ITxpo on April 23, 2007. Antenna Software has been around since 1998 or so and claims to …


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CRM system changed without users noticing

I said in the article that someone had done this.

Well, Gregg Plekan (SVP Product Development at Antenna) tells me that it was EMC:

“For us, EMC is the perfect example of why a Service Oriented Architecture and Web Services approach to mobility is so critical in today’s business environment,” he says. "In one weekend, the company needed to migrate from its previous CRM system to a new one and do so without disrupting its business operations and employee productivity. However, since EMC had been using the Antenna Mobility Platform -- in an on-demand, hosted environment -- the migration was transparent to end-users, who likely had no idea that the plumbing on their mobile CRM solution had been completely replaced. In other words, the user interface looked the same as always, but the pipes to the back-end systems were brand new.”

It's a nice trick if you can manage it, I guess!

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