back to article US Army to fund Stanford-led supercomputing team

The US Army is to fund a five-year, $105m supercomputing initiative led by Stanford University. The Army High-Performance Computing Research Center will also include teams of engineers and scientists at Morgan State University in Maryland, New Mexico State University at Las Cruces, the University of Texas at El Paso and NASA. …


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Anonymous Coward

My frends 3 year old could do better!

What about trouser launched plastic spy tanks!

That is exactly what happens when he decides that Daddy would realy like to play with his toy solders. Its quite funny hearing about how my friend got up in the morning, put on his freshly washed trousers (As with all good men, kept on the stairs where his wife "just leaves them"...) not realising that his son has been playing war games on the landing using his clothes as a bunker, treads on a toy tank in bare feet and goes arse over tit.

He now thinks his wife works for the CIA. Facilitating the US military incursion into his clothes apparently, but that may be because the only sympathy he got was "Well if you had put them away like I asked you to"...

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