back to article Orange broadband converges out of ISPA code of practice

The move to bundled broadband and mobile packages has thrown the role of ISPA, the internet providers' trade association, into confusion, after it emerged that most Orange broadband customers are not protected by its code of practice. After a broadband outage spanning several weeks, Register reader Max took his complaint to …


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Surprise ? Heck no !

As one of those who's had the Orange "Customer Services" experience this story leaves me totally unsurprised !

It seems that their whole system is geared up to fobbing off the customer and basically doing absolutely anything other than fix the problem. CICAS is a waste of time - they require the service provider to give the customer a dispute reference code, but Orange refused to give one and CICAS just did nothing for me.

Give them a loophole like this and I'm not at all surpriseed they are using it.

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