back to article Intel expands Core 2 Duo line-up

Intel has extended its line of desktop dual-core Core 2 Duo processors, adding an extra model to the set limited to an 800MHz frontside bus and beefing up the cache size of a number of 1066MHz FSB versions. So, in comes the 2GHz Core 2 Duo E4400, fitted with 2MB of L2 cache. The existing E6300 and E6400, clocked at 1.86GHz …


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Cache is the new GHZ

I predict you're going to see more cache tossed about as things heat up between Intel and AMD -- lots of cache helps to keep plenty of code and data nearby for those multi-cores to chew on and stay busy.

You want to minimize hogging the FSB having to go to the Fridge (Memory) or God help us all the way to the Freezer (hard drive).

This goes hand in hand with the new onboard "disk cache" Intel announced ----- this will evolve into a L3 cache sitting between the Fridge and Freezer.

Lastly - look for algorithm wars on how best to clevery up relevant stuff in them caches

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