back to article RIM rolls out 'virtual' BlackBerry for Windows Mobile 6

Research in Motion (RIM) has said a new version of its BlackBerry Connect software will soon allow "select" Windows Mobile 6-based handsets to connect to its push email network as if they were BlackBerries. RIM claimed the code will provide handsets with a "virtual BlackBerry experience" that presents email, calendars, …


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A*se about t*t

No, no, no!

What I was hoping, from the heading of this article, is that RIM would develop a HANDSET that would run Windows Mobile. Very stylish.

Why the heck do we want to run BB software on a WM phone, which is otherwise free to run?

Go back and design a phone, which has an 'optional' BB style interface, but with RIM style and ergonomics - which is, of course, the best. Sadly.

And no bloomin' BES server in the way.


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