back to article Corporate Web 2.0 limited by IT resources

Companies that want to exploit the emerging Web 2.0 phenomenon could be held back by a lack of developer resources says a survey sponsored by search software developer Fast. Despite a high level of commitment from IT managers, 26 per cent of those surveyed saw a lack of Web 2.0 experience as the weakest link in the …


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Tip of the ICeBerg........ the Mountain View?

"The same thing is going to happen with Web 2.0 although at the moment there is an element of individuals just going ahead and using it.”

And would those just doing ITand using IT, be Creating ITs Controls? ....... with that itself being yet A.N.Other InterNetworking Web albeit IT being a Virtual Semantic One?

That would surely be a Global Mutual Intelligence @ ur Service, would it not?

Is that what Google are about?

Is that what Google want to be about?


web 2.0 resource

It pays to go through some web 2 resources like


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