back to article NASA, DoD in underwater astronaut doc-bot trial

American surgeons will carry out a realistic simulation of zero-gee robotic surgery next month, the Associated Press reports. The US Department of Defense (DoD) "Raven" robo-surgeon is being developed with the intention of treating injured soldiers on far-flung battlefields where no human doc may be available. It reportedly …


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Anonymous Coward

Here Goes ...!!

Equipment designed by someone who thinks it's "not undoable?"

God help them.

Imagine the risk of ..

Ping of death

Blue screen of death

Catching a virus


Mmmmmmm! Ketchup!

(to anyone who knows the "Doc" ;-) )

What happens when you have a squadron of battle-doc's operating on a squad of injured SEALS, and some enterprising b*gger detonates an <insert EMP generating nuke here> device, and the robots start transforming the soldiers into Doom 3 Stroggs, or just let them bleed to death? Could the DOD insert a EMP-hardened voice chip that plays "You're screwed" in an infinate loop when the magnetic field exceeds 2 Teslas before cutting out?

Be better than the robots running over the battlefield bleeping "EXTERMINATE, EXTERMINATE!" wielding dental instruments and carbide bladed saws...

Also, would the control console have a battery level and motorola like beep-beep low battery warning? It would be a bit of a shame for the battery do die during the in-the-field heart bypass...

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