back to article HD DVD player sales pass 100k mark in US

US consumers have bought more than 100,000 HD DVD players, the next-gen optical disc format's backers claim. The figure doesn't include HD DVD drives built into PCs, nor the external HD DVD drive for the Xbox 360, leaving the 100,000 units almost entirely comprised of Toshiba's three players. Back in January, Toshiba said it …


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Simple decision

If someone has already bought a PS3, as about 1 million Americans and nearly 1 million Europeans already have, there is a simple decision to be made.

When buying a new movie, do I buy a DVD version, or spend a few quid more to get the BluRay version which is in glorious HD? I already have a player, the PS3. Sure I have DVD players too, but why not go that step further, I paid all that money for the HD TV and PS3, if there are movies available, why not?

Many times it's argued that PS3 buyers are interested in games only, fine. However if a movie that the person is interested in comes out on BluRay, why would that person choose the DVD version over the BluRay version? There is no answer to that is there?

The HD-DVD people cheering 100,000 player sales sound kinda hollow when you consider that there are more or less 3,000,000 PS3s already in homes globally.

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