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Company fraudsters often get away with their crimes for five years, committing as many as 50 undetected frauds, according to the forensic department of audit firm KPMG. The firm has analysed 360 cases in which its forensic department has been involved and found that a third of cases involve more than 50 acts of fraud, while two …


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Anonymous Coward


Your article exemplifies what I have believed for a great deal of time, that politicians have been discounted from acting honestly. If I had, as a person, or acting in concert with others, carried out the plundering of private funds as Browne has done, I should be languishing in Gaol for an extended period. What he did was THEFT but carried out under the aegis of political pretence. As was his "sale of the century" of the British gold reserves at a price which made a good bargain for somebody, who could that possibly be? Because you or I are political animals does not exempt from us from acting with honesty in our dealings with the public. His actions should prevent him from becoming our our premier but I would guess that it will not do so, even Anthony B. Liar seems to be distancing himself. Browne's actions should be investigated by the serious fraud squad and any who are acting with him should also be castigated, I include the entire political spectrum

REGARDLESS OF THE COLOUR OF THEIR ROSETTES. If you are able to find me any political animal who acts entirely without self regard you will ba able to show me something unique.

I have to ask why should such criminality be overlooked and remain unpunished when it is possible to send pensioners to gaol because of their inability to pay iniquitous taxes?

When you can explain that I shall be able to have respect for the political classes but I do not think that you will ever be able to do so.

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