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Troubled telco and broadband provider Vonage has lost its chief executive. Michael Snyder has quit as CEO and resigned from the board of directors. Vonage chairman Jeffrey Citron is stepping in as interim chief exec while the company looks for a replacement. The company also announced prelimary results for the quarter ended …


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Losing Faith In Vonage

Have been a faithful Vonage user for just short of a few years now, but will be switching.

Wrote to them asking about how I could ensure our home phone number doesn't get hijacked should they enter bankruptcy. Specifically asked for a reply from a human, not a boilerplated auto-answer. Figured as much trouble as they were having, they'd take the time not to lose a relatively long-term customer.

No such luck. The first response was completely automated and indicated nary a human had even laid eyes on my query.

Replied to the 'bot telling them I'd be moving on. Got another automated message.

I know, they have lots of customers, but thanks to this abysmally poor customer service, they're soon to have one less. I would have stuck with them to the end (which is probably fast approaching, thanks to their legal troubles), but don't think in this case it was too much to ask for a real, human reply.

Oh, my current broadband provider is actually offering quite a substantial discount for the first six months - roughly 30% - then will go up to about right about what I'm paying now after that. However, that's a deal, as their advertised rate for both lines would be nearly 40% more than I'm now paying.

Sorry to see you go, Vonage. Perhaps in the future - if you have one - you'll pay more attention to the folks who pay your bills and less to programming automated email.

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