back to article India tests intermediate-range missile

The Indian government claims it has significantly increased its nuclear delivery capability, with a successful test today of the uprated Agni-III ballistic missile. According to the India Daily, defence officials said today's launch was successful, and that Agni-III would offer a range of 3,000km. That would put the main cities …


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Anonymous Coward

And still bonded child labour?

I find it hard to understand a country like India which strives for nuclear and space technology while still many of it's residents live in poverty with children being sold into bonded labour to help pay for basic necessities.

I know that we're not much better here in the UK, and who are we to tell others how to run their countries (except Iraq?), but still I can't be the only one who boggles at the apparent lack of concern for the poor of India.

Silver badge

Quite a powerful deterrant

The Agni is solid fuelled (something it took the Soviet Union a long time to crack) and mobile. It can be deployed almost anywhere, set up and launched in a very short period of time.

The Soviets and the Russians used a similar strategy for many of their ICBMs, either deploying them on huge trucks or rail cars. The weapons are nearly as hard to find as if they were in the deep ocean, but at a fraction of the cost.

This missile is clearly a show of power by India to show that it's prepared to defend its own vital interests - namely the steady flow of cheap energy from the Persian Gulf. The US and China will have to pay greater attention to Indian interests in the region - which should make for some eventful diplomatic meetings.

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