back to article Sun sprinkles FISH food for storage guppies

Sun Microsystems appears to have open sauced many of the software components that make up its elusive FISHworks NetApp killer. The company, on a regular basis, frees up code found in its Solaris operating system to the so-called OpenSolaris community. The latest code dump features a host of storage-centric software. Sun …


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  1. amanfromMars

    AnalySIS.... from a Bonded Data Warehouse

    "The Fully Integrated Software and Hardware technology came out of the minds of some of Sun's top Solaris engineers.

    So far, Sun has provided little information on exactly what FISHworks will entail, although it did demonstrate a NAS device running the software to analysts during a recent meeting. We've yet to find an analyst that bothered to describe the system in a meaningful way – thanks, guys – and Sun refuses to speak to the press about the FISH food."

    Software creating Hardware creating Future's Hardened Software. S.M.A.R.T. Mk UltraSparc AI Processing for Total Information Awareness Fields of Operations.

    The Grid building ITs Own Quantum Operating System to rebuild with Computer Systems...... thus to Energise the IT Sector lest IT Stagnate rather than Invigorate.

    It will also allow for Internet Control Interfaces to be Phased into Use.

    All in all, QuITe a Coup for Open Source Solaris and Sun Technology.

    What next? What would you like to do now with Internet Flight Controls?

  2. Tom Haynes

    Don't forget the recent sharemgr work

    Do not discount the work done to allow scriptable management of shares and to speed up the loading/unloading of shares - see

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