back to article tells websites to stop bullies

Videos of schoolyard bullying should be blocked from websites, secretary of state for education and skills Alan Johnson said today. Speaking at the national conference of the NASUWT teaching union, Johnson said the internet had allowed bullies to prolong the ordeal for their victims by following them into their homes. This " …


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Gov wants to stop bully videos? Stop bullying

So mother England thinks blocking videos of bullying is a valuable exercise? and the gov claims that teachers are leaving the profession because of videos of bullying? Hypocrites. Let's get the vector of causality right here.

Teachers are leaving the profession -- on both sides of the water -- because their role has been reduced to that of an ineffectual Victorian nanny, without any aura of respect or authority. If they attempt to control the behaviour or their charges, they are disciplined, not the young perps.



I think

A victorian nanny had a hell of a lot more power then a modern teacher!

Yet another example of government lolz and a reluctance of anyone to except responsibility, we could be talking about porn, piracy, hooliganism, drinking, etc, etc, etc...

Now days there are retarded concepts like "respect agenda" where the govenrment/public services just give sniviling brats respect. I remember having to earn respect, but in these heady days such a concept as "earning" something is lost. I'm not talking about a long time ago either 86 to 96 ish, although by the end of sixth form you knew that relatively disciplined time was well and truely over when a 1st year blocked your way and went "wot r u lookin at?" a retard obviously.

But like one website said "How about you just ban mobile phones in schools?"

How about we give teachers the power to deal with these hooligans? How about using the law against them? If nothing else they've breached privacy laws, sue their filthy families into the ground. It's about time we stopped treating children like adults.


Not to mention...

... the parents are quite often unable to believe that "their little darling" could possibly do anything wrong so they're up the school bawling the teachers out, defending their precious little sociopaths.

Bullying has always been present where children are concerned - it always will be - kids need to push their limits, to find out where the boundries are exactly (of course some are just little sh***) - the problem is that no-one says HERE'S the line, this is the point you do not cross.

Those kids then grow up and spawn the next generation; that's where we're at now, nobody drew the line for the parents so you're fighting a battle against the children and their parents when you try to "lay down the law" (which of course you don't have the power to enforce) ... and it'll only get worse, the line only gets drawn _now_ when someone gets stabbed.

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