back to article SGI hires serial CEO

Dennis McKenna lasted all of 14 months as CEO of SGI. The server maker today tapped Robert "Bo" Ewald as its new chief. Ewald used to head up Linux Networx, Scale Eight and E-Stamp, so he's quite familiar with CEO duties. The hardware buff also once worked as COO of both SGI and Cray. McKenna guided SGI out of bankruptcy and …


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it's hard time, indeed

"SGI is trying to reach outside of its graphics and high performance computing niche to sell to a wide range of customers."

Well, that's f***ing time to do that, honest, since SGI

sank Cray Research back in 1997, on the ground of, if

I recall, reaching number one in computing !

Plus giving away the whole IP of high-end graphics

engine to Nvidia.

Would I be an investor, I wouldn't invest in their share,

with objectives of 2007 being the exact same as 10

years back !

Anonymous Coward

Nail in the Coffin for SGI, hahaha

Ahhh, Bo.

A CEO that can't even type... did he bring his hench-woman in? Is SGI ready for the round of layoffs that will start? Shouldn't a "serial" CEO be at least capable of typing more than 20wpm... maybe more than 10wpm?

Also, E-Stamps? Learn2? wtf.

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