back to article Quantum won't stoop to de-dupe coup?

Could Quantum's amiable treatment of rival Data Domain in a patent dispute be a move to create a kinder, gentler environment for the storage market's rage du jour - de-duping software? Nestled amongst the usual market clicks and whistles of Data Domain's IPO registration statement last week was an announcement that caught the …


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Smoke and Mirrors..... So IT2 is All to Play 4 too.

So, SAN Wars Virtualised........ for that is what that Austin story foretells. And the Alamo ReVisited...?

Red herrings galore to hide the fact that Information Storage and Library Use of Metadata have exceeded the Intellectual Property Offerings of established Players as the Field of Innovation moves into the Creation of NeuReal Intelligence built upon Semantically Selective Memory Banks.

And hey, as this is all new fangled and entangling, let's not rock the boat as there is money to be made in IT for us All..... which really means that the Players smell ITs Beans but aint got the Coffee Machine. ......"And so it could well be the case that Quantum hopes larger rivals such as EMC and NetApp will see similar, broad crossover as well. "Let's not derail the de-duping gravy trains when we all have patents to spare," goes the thinking."

"Now to see if all this caring and sharing is catching. Have you hugged your data storage company today? " ......Hmmm, MeThinks that is putting the cart before the horse, for where NeuReal Intelligence is concerned, and yes, that is at the Quantum Level of Semantic Subliminal Intent, the data storage company does all the hugging. After all, make a wrong move and you have lost a fortune in such Phishing Games...., in Quantum Fact though, you can expect that to be an exponential Loss such is ITs Reward for making the Right Move on the CyberSpace Board.

And normally the only reason Patents are not filed is because the Information contained within them would render them/IT exposed as being ......well let us just say "remotely acquired" rather than plain stolen. Semantically though they are inextricably linked in the Entanglement of Strings.

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