back to article Smut-swapping sailors leak secret missile specs

The Japanese navy was left red-faced today after newspaper reports revealed that smut-swapping sailors had inadvertently leaked high-tech missile data. According to the Yomiuri Shimbun, three petty officers in the Maritime Self-Defence Force (the Japanese navy's official title) have now been implicated, having accidentally …


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Naval porn?

Does naval porn involve indecent pictures of peoples belly buttons?


No, sir !!

"General Bruce Wright, commander of US forces in Japan, said: "I know the Japan Self Defence Forces take operational security seriously.""

General, Sir !!

No, Sir !! They don't give it a flying fuck, Sir !!

Otherwise, why on the nine hells, would they allow

any random personnal PC on the destroyer, Sir ???

And more than that, allow connection to storage

holding classified information, Sir ???

Or get on the destroyer with a full necklace of USB

storage keys, Sir ???

They're absolutely rubbish, Sir !!! Don't give them access

to secret info, for God's sake, Sir !!!


I gotta agree

Windows for Warships has me bothered enough, but Windows for Porn Surfing Sailors is a whole new kettle of fish. Or in the case of the Japanese, it appears to be nigiri.

dillon in Tejas, who prefers his ahi raw.


Solution ..

Don't store your nuclear and missile secrets on the same computer as your porn collection. Don't share the entire harddrive with a file sharing network.

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