back to article Advertising Standards slap down BT complaint

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has rejected a complaint made by BT against BSkyB's "free" broadband campaign last year. BT complained to watchdogs that Sky falsely advertised its broadband offering as "free", since customers had to pay a £40 connection fee. Sky rolled out the service in summer last year, soon after …


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BT's 'Free' V-box (TM)

The amusing thing about this is that I got an email from BT this week offering me a free V-box for their new digital TV service. I was, of course, interested as I like any new gadget especially if it costs me nothing.

Once you read the small print you realise that there is a £60 installation fee (I think I can manage to plug in an aerial and hook up an ethernet connection) plus a £30 connection fee (someone clicking a button in BT headquarters?). On top of this I need the BT Home Hub (only £30 if I pay online) and have to renew my connection to BT Broadband for 12 months. So, £120 plus a year subscribing to BT Broadband.

I believe the cost with sky is approximately £0 if you subscribe for a year (plus they actually have to do some work in fitting a dish rather than plugging in two cables).

I'd say that £120 of upfront fees for a free box is quite a percentage more than £0 of upfront fees. Perhaps BT should take part in a 'clearer advertising' campaign?

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