back to article O2 confirms XDA Zinc zapped

It's official: mobile phone network has canned the XDA Zinc, the 3G PDA phone the carrier originally planned to release in January but delayed to March. The Zinc failed to pass the carrier's network tests, an O2 spokeswoman confirmed today. March has gone and it's April now, of course, and Register Hardware readers keen on …


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Christopher Woods

Unfortunately, it's still the HERM100

O2 has 'sensibly' gone with the original version of the Hermes - the HERM100. This is known to be problematic in some batches, which is why i-Mate went with the HERM200 and T-Mobile (who gave me my device) continued to upgrade the revisions it offered to its customers, settling on the latest version, the HERM300.

O2 seem to have been VERY reactive in this decision - I pestered them on contract renewal (September last year) about offering the Hermes, and I had mixed signals, mainly along the lines of "it's somewhat sure that it's coming, but we don't know when." So, I (happily) jumped ship to T-Mobile, and I've been deliriously happy ever since.

That O2 hasn't even offered the latest revision to its customers is a bit disappointing, they're in a prime position to do this!

Oh well, roll on the Kaizer :D

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