back to article Serenity beats Star Wars in sci-fi movie poll

Serenity has outstripped Star Wars as the best sci-fi movie of all time in a poll of 3,000 fans by SFX magazine. The 2005 movie spin-off of acclaimed but cancelled series Firefly picked up 61 per cent of the vote, relegating George Lucas's magnum opus to second place (with 28 per cent of votes). Blade Runner picked up third …


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Anonymous Coward


Saw the film and really enjoyed it. Inspired to look for the TV series Firefly and enjoyed that even more as it gave more time to get to know the characters. Such a shame that the show was canned before the end of season 1 as it's so hard to find a bit of interesting quality sci-fi on TV.

The camera techniques used in the series (handheld type panning and crash zoom) seem to have influenced other directors and can be seen in Battlestar Gallactica, which is a poor substitute for Firefly.

Please bring it back!

Anonymous Coward

But of course...

.. Battlestar Galatica's special effects were, I believe, created by the same guys as firefly/serenity. Hence in the BSG mini-movie / mini-series you can see a firefly in the background during president Roselins medical exam were she discovers she has cancer.


Shome mishtake...

Someone's clearly hacked into someone's database. Or something. The correct order of great SF films is, of course:





5-Scanner Darkly

6-The Matrix

7-Blade Runner



10-Terminator 2

On the basis of which James Cameron wins the actual prize. Star Wars receives an Honourable Mention for introducing the technology that started the wave, nullified by a Dishonourable Discharge for giving every clot in Hollywood license to make crap films out of a lousy story + lousy acting + CGI. In fact, forget Star Wars and just hang Lucas by his thumbs.

Now don't let me catch you publishing that silly list of yours again.



Shome mishtake... there certainly is

"A Scanner Darkly...?" (almost lost for words), repeat loudly... "A Scanner Darkly !?!?"

Putting it in the same list as Serenity, nevermind placing it above Serenity should be a crime dealt with by the highest power in the land (and no - I don't mean the Topgear team and Stig)

A Scanner Darkly shouldn't even make it into a list of the top10 cell shaded films (and I don't think there are even 10).

nuff said - Serenity should definitely be No.1, and I see the BBC have run a simlar pole in which Serenity is at 31% and star wars at 34% (I guess they must let under 12's vote.....)

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