back to article Italian police raid 'major pirate' P2P site

Discotequezone, a big Italian file-sharing site, has shut down in the wake of police raids this week. Some 600,000 allegedly pirated tracks were swapped daily through the P2P network, resulting in $1m-plus losses to copyright holders, the IFPI, the international lobby group for record companies, claimed. Police targeted five …


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Anonymous Coward

Did they trade MP3s?

You still can't buy MP3s from any of the major record companies.

Demand - Supply = Piracy.

One way or another the record companies media will end up filling the MP3 demand. Is it such a leap of logic to suggest they should *sell* them through a *store* and take *money* in exchange for their *mp3s*? I know it's a radical new idea, but perhaps it might just work!

I've heard of experimental companies selling things to people where there is a demand, but it might be an urban myth.

Nah, better to continuing selling TGSH5 or JSHG2 or ZUNE or some other acronym that won't play on anything. I'm sure people are keen to buy JSHG2 format music, if nothing more they can always look at the 1 & 0's and imagine what it would sound like if they could play it!

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