back to article ICANN rejects .xxx

In an unusual open board meeting today, ICANN once again rejected the establishment of a .xxx top level domain (TLD). The vote was 8-4 with a single abstention, that of CEO Paul Twomey. The open meeting provided an opportunity to hear a debate that in the past had been conducted behind closed doors. The debate seemed to follow …


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Anonymous Coward

why not try... addresses are cheap, very cheap. As are .org addresses.

Why do ICANN(ot) not just add a levy to the new domain names? Maybe £10 ($20) to pay a company to browse the sites to check that they are appropriate? not to check that they contain porn of course, but to check that they don't contain porn which may be considered illegal.

If they were to do this, it would mean that ISP's could block all .xxx domains at the request of the bill payer (this is as simple as issuing a different DNS server!). It would also mean that consenting adults could more safely browse for the content which created the net without fear of accidentally overstepping the boundaries.

furthermore a standard age verification could be enforced. If a charge is made for the domain all of this could be paid for, and would be attractive to sites and advirtisers alike.

of course, on the other hand, no-one said ICANN are actually in charge of the net. setting up a TLD can be done by anyone with a DNS server and anough willpower. As Linux shows, you don't need to follow the rules to get your product out there. The net lets people do what they want to do so if enough people do it then it becomes interesting history rather than "ICANN rejects .XXX"

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