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The results are in. Following the resounding response from our recent Business Intelligence Reader Survey, we're proud to present the findings – via succulent, saturated Vulture Vision. We parked Reg hack Tim Phillips, Freeform Dynamics' Dale Vile, and Microsoft's David Hobbs-Mallyon in a swanky studio and told them to have a …


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Anonymous Coward

Business Intelligence - Live on El Reg

The Reg webcast titled " Business Intelligence - Live on El Reg" was the most exciting webcast that I have seen in a while because they understand the user or the consumer of information is where the focus needs to be. A great deal of businesses have invested in automating their operation, however, not many businesses understand that it is the front line users/decision makers that can save millions for the company if they had a strong end to end performance managmennt suite equipped with a solid collaboration solution.

Our software will debuts on April 9th as the enterprise performance management solution that provides a standardized operating platform across multiple Enterprise systems which delivers performance management solutions, collaboration, global visibility and financial accountability.

Check us out at:


James P. Vinson

President, V-Chain Solutions, Inc.


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