back to article Conspiracy theorists: Feds, web hosts conspire against us

When Alan Watt's website Cutting Through the Matrix went offline in February, he knew it was because someone "at the top" decided he was getting too close to the truth. Watt is one of several "esoteric researchers" (call them conspiracy theorists) who believe Big Brother is telling Yahoo!, Google, and other companies which …


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Anonymous Coward

What conspiracy

"But Alan Watt is taking no chances. He has been setting-up mirrors for Cutting Through the Matrix since February, in case the cyber spies decide to strike again"

So, following the money, it's actually a conspiracy of web-hosting providers....

Anonymous Coward

BBC and MSN join the 9/11 censorship

I'm just a low-grade seeker of the truth regarding 9/11. I've learned that it's far easier, and more efficient, to introduce people to the mountain of evidence for 'an inside job', than it is to try to argue them round.

In the last few weeks I've been systematically censored by both the BBC and MSN, when trying to spread awareness of 9/11 anomalies. My posts (and those of anyone sharing my views) to an MSN 'discussion' on "9/11 conspiracy" were getting pulled within 90 minutes, a clear censorship agenda which has left the "discussion" a ridiculously one sided affair, consisting soley of conspiracy detractors' posts, set adrift in a sea of "Message Deleted" tags, where the opposite point of view used to be represented. I took screenshots to illustrate, some of which are posted on my weblog.

In the case of the BBC, I phoned them after the relevant "Editor's Blog" forum filtered me out (by email address) and informed me I was "not allowed to post". (I simply reposted using an alternative email address, without problem). My details were taken, but to date I've had no explanation from the BBC as to why I have been banned from posting.

Nothing to hide, nothing to fear, as they say.

Anonymous Coward

Theorys of Conspiracy - a peanut is not a nut...

I have been watching a lot of these theory’s lately on Google Video / You Tube and have come to the conclusion that whilst they make a good storey they are all nuts, they believe there own version of reality with so much conviction they think that anyone who does not agree with them is either a sheep or “one of them”.

Sure some of the things they say MAY have a certain element of truth in them, but when it comes to people like David Icke who thinks the world is ruled by lizards, it just makes me laugh. He then questions why the people he is accusing are not suing him.


I am sure that the Royal Family, Tony Blair and other such people he accuses have far more pressing issues to deal with besides suing some guy who called them a Lizard…

Would you sue some kid who called you a poo poo head at school? NO!

Texan Alex Jones is another one who I can’t seem to understand. Again, he talks about some things that can be proved like President Bush and his cabinet making obscene amounts of money from the conflict in the Golf.

Then after almost convincing me that there could be something a little strange going on he will start to shout and call the so called “illuminated” ones scum. This kind of behaviour discredits his work & I think it just makes him look just a little mad.

Mr Jones discredits David Icke in a documentary on Google Video saying that he is off his head saying that Lizards rule the world and that David Icke is a con man or he works for the global elite.

In another clip I have seen Mr Jones then starts to say that there are 360 degrees in freemasonry… Right… 33 if you are in the “Scottish rite” and that’s your lot – so I have read…

THEN in the same documentary Alex Jones is telling us that you can’t get past the 180th Degree in Freemasonry if you are human… WTF? First off he is telling us that David Icke is a con man or he works for the global elite because of almost the same thing. Well I have never heard of a 181st Degree animal before… Have you?

IF there is this shadowy elite ruling the world like they say, how could the few control the many as Mr Icke says a way too much.

Think about it…

If everyone found about this, they the Army, Police and the public would turn on them so fast that there would be no more elite.

Also, what separates the conspirators from the rest of us? What makes them think that we are sheep and they are some kind of new age gurus?

I know that this may offend some people who do believe in what these people are saying to you.

For that I apologise, but this is just me expressing my own feelings – and not that of the global elite!

If someone can respond to my issues with what these people are saying in a constructive manor then I am all ears.


Has anyone considered...

...that our glorious governments (being of the foreign persuasion I have the pleasure of having my own set of incompetents thankyouverymuch), who can't find their arses with two hands and a whitepaper (metaphorically - I'm quite sure they know where their real arse is, usually at the head of the table), might not be the best participants in secret conspiracies? I mean, *secret*? And "conspiracy" usually implies a group of people working together towards a common goal over time. Never seen that, never going to. Not in my country, that's for sure (hint: a close ally with a lot of pigs and people with axes (not really but the rumour keeps away the bloody foreigners)).

On top of that, this particular set of conspiracy theories is not even very entertaining. How about digging out something really juicy, like one that says that the assasination of the Russian chap with polonium was really an experiment into superhuman soldiers gone terribly wrong? If it isn't out there, make it up! Show some initiative!! More exclamation points!!! Sheez, I have to do all the thinking around here...



PS: Since I'm not and never has been a member of any large organization, nor have I ever worn a uniform, I'm not just a conspirator trying to drown out the voices of truth. Really. Scout's honor. Oh... Erm... Ah, forget it.

Anonymous Coward

Some people will believe anything

Next you are going to tell me that some clown who couldn't fly a Cessna 172 took an 80 ton 757 through a hard banked, diving spiral decent from 7000 feet to 2200 then leveled it off and at full speed guided it to ground level, through a massive pressure wave and hit the Pentagon!

That is like me saying I can't drive a Pinto but I can take a 18 wheel Mack truck with a fully loaded trailer and spin donuts with it.

Sheesh. I guess some people will believe anything!

Signed - Hani "The Force Is With Me" Hanjour

PS. The US Government released the flight data recorder for flight 77. Problem is that it doesn't line up with what the 9/11 commission said the path was. So which is wrong? They can't both be right! If the 9/11 commission is wrong what knocked over the light poles? If the 9/11 commission is right then why did the US Government release a bogus flight data recorder?

Oh but the government says it was Hani and they would not lie.


Vast global conspiracies

I love these "vast global conspiracies". Over a hundred people see a FDR and another hundred, unrelated people, hear the CVR. And I suspect that different groups of people handled each of the 4 sets of recorders. Since many of the people are career (ie, not political) FAA employees and contractors, somebody would have blabbed.

Since sys admins come in all political stripes (I once worked with a far right winger and a "Bush stole 2000" freak on contract, and I'm a NRA Lifer and Libertarian), taking down a website as part of a political conspiracy would have someone talking.

There are enough real conspiracies out there (DoJ comes to immediate mind). We don't have to make up any new ones.

But I do know that, through circuitous intermediaries, China owns a majority interest in IT&T and figured that $100M was a cheap price to pay for advanced technology. Hopefully Alex will pick up on that one in the next day or two. Remember you heard it on the Reg, first.


All will be revealed

We meant you no harm. When we seeded your blue planet with life we didn't think your kind, so necessary to our needs, would suffer. Our need for sentient life forms to 'terraform' habitats for us requires we channel evolution toward lifeforms such as yourselves, but usually they don't exhibit such angst.

WE are the Raydons. WE exist in a state of flux capacitation sustained by a finely tuned EMF. The extent of the finely attuned sub fields necessary for each of us to attain bliss is exemplified by my needs. I am Do wap ditty. I'm the mind behind Do Wap music. Sing a few bars of Duke of Earl and I, quite literally will come into your mind. Each of us has similar requirements. The strong system of communications nets your species is building for us is being micromanaged to suit our individual needs. Soon your work will be done and you can 'rest'.

In the mean time could you please stop wearing those damn tinfoil hats.


Not to endorse any particular bunch of nutters...

But the concept that Governments, their darker agencies and to a degree Private enterprise wouln't screw with a network as easily broken and legally vague as the Internet is far more naive than anything you'll find on a conspiracy site.


The lizards are keeping me down!!!!

I happen to be the son of a carpenter. I also have long hair and a beard. The fact that my powers have not yet manifest themselves all point to a massive conspiracy by the Lizards to keep me from saving the Earth!!

Do you think David Icke has sent me a single cent in supoptr, let alone a single email backnig up my claims? No! This just goes to show he is in league with the Lizards, using smoke and mirror techniques to throw off those who are indeed searching for the truth!


I love these conspiracy nutters watch of Loose Change and they're experts in the subject.

Regurgitating what someones presented as 'facts' isn't big and it's not clever.

From one purple Elephant to another - stop ruining the internet.


Aspiring Leaders don't Conspire ....... they Inspire surely

And would it be conspiratorial of a government and its minister[s] not to share and/or even deny that the Internet is already under Virtualised Control over which they have not a jot of jurisdiction or jurisprudence?

And if such CyberSpace Control is shared Globally/is being Shared Globally, is IT a Global Conspiracy by Intellectually Challenged Status Quo Minnows? ...... in a Deep C of BabelFish...... a DNA CyberIntelAIgentsThing

Or would they be so naive as to think to deny a Fundamentalist Imagination ITs Bases......a Reaction which would merely be them, paradoxically, Positively Reinforcing the Change in Reality and yet suggesting that their Present commitments are marking them out as not Fit for Future Purpose? An EnigmatiConundrum for any Illuminati to prove their less than Enlightened state?

Should a PM keeps schtum about ........<quote>What do you know of a document entitled …..

Real Power ….. and ITs Remote, Virtual Control.

The Invisible and Intangible Management of Human Perception in the Innovative and Enterprising Internet Provision of Virtual Controls…in Improving, Intelligently Designed, Shared Order [SMARTer InterNetworking] for Evolving and Devolved Government.

New World Order Programming in AI and the Internet Control of Government……

…….. and would you even dare to care? </quote> .... especially one who would claim to in tune with the "I can" generation?

Maybe he should have made IT clearer/NEUKlearer if he meant the ICANN generation.

I wonder if he would hunker down and hide behind the Parapet for Puppets ....... cowed rather than emboldened?


Is this another way to say you are on the dole?

"a researcher studying the role secret societies play in global events."

I thought their official title was more like "nutter on the dole and without a friend for all his life"

Anonymous Coward

This is funny

As an IT manager in one of the biggest shared and dedicated hosting business in the world it always make laugh when I see these theory. We deal on a regular basis with the US, Canada, Europe and also Asia ( including China ) and we never received any request for a legitimate site to be removed.

The FBI, Interpol or the canadian RCMP will request phishing or kiddie porn site to be shut down but that's about it! Look like a lot a people really like when there is a big brother theory as they can jump right in it and claim ( always without real tangible proof ) that they are are a victim of a big machination. Common people get a life! stop trying to get attention by putting lie's around.


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