back to article ICANN sued by irate RegisterFly customer, as class action rumble begins

The Dummit Law Firm announced today on its website that it has filed a class action lawsuit against internet registrars Registerfly and Enom, as well as internet standards body ICANN. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Anne Martinez, a Registerfly customer and the registered owner of, which provided the main …


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You get what you pay for...

Sorry to be less than sympathetic, but when you choose a domain name registry for your company, you have to consider the risks that your registrar may go belly up.

Its one thing to use the domain name registrar for silly or non comercial sites that you don't care about, but if you're seriously making money to support your family, don't you think switching to starting with a more established site would be the smart choice?

Lets do the math.

The claim of the lead plaintif was that the loss of her domain name meant the loss of her family's income. On the low side, lets say that its $20K (USD). GoDaddy charges $10.00 a year while NetworkSolutions charges $35.00 a year.

One has to ask, is saving $25.00 a year worth the risk of losing an asset that helps to generate more than 20K a year in revenue?

Your domain name is an asset and it should be protected.


How do you know?

How do you know how dodgy a registrar is? Price isn't a telltale. I haven't heard any complaints against GoDaddy, although I have heard a few bitch about NSI.


Let's say you can tell something by the engine

If you pay $35 for a standard you wish to make sure and not go by price alone but in the case of NSI you are paying for their attorneys to keep you safe, their safe of twice another per domain, equipment that is more than mirrored and secured.

I can't afford all that service so I looked for the next best thing. I send a complaint to EVERY other registrar and the only ones to send a humand reply I took. Hey that was I hate to say RegisterFly.

Next you decide if the risk is worth the service they offer.

So if you need a Cady ,,, buy a Cady but if you are like many of us you have to buy the honda and be happy with what you have.


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