back to article Two sailors die on UK nuclear sub

Two sailors were killed this morning in an accident on nuclear submarine HMS Tireless, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has confirmed. HMS Tireless on surface following the accident. Photo: MoD The Trafalgar-class attack submarine (seen here on the surface following the accident) was submerged on a joint UK-US exercise in the …


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Anonymous Coward

Tragic; but not Bill Gates' fault

Tireless. Trafalgar Class. Therefore by this time running SMCS-NG. Hence command system now Windows-for-Warships.

But from the reports, this accident and its sad consequences were not caused by anything in SMCS-NG, but by a completely separate piece of kit. So mustn't blame Microsoft for this incident.

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Similar to MIR/ISS oxygen candles?

I wonder if this is similar to the oxygen candles that caused the fire on the Russian space station MIR? They also use them (rarely) on ISS and they're VERY leery about them, due to their history of making kitty scared. Unfortunately the Russian "Elektron" oxygen generator systems don't work very well.

A fire that gives off oxygen is obviously dangerous. One of the problems with these things is that once ignited, they do not go out until they run out of fuel. All the usual firefighting depends on depriving the fire of oxygen, and this one brings its own.

They also seem to have a problem with going off on their own.

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