back to article Former Wipro salesman sues for £1m in commission

A salesman who helped Wipro, India's largest outsourcing firm, win the "mother of all outsourcing deals" to supply IT services to Shell is suing the firm for unpaid commission on the deal. Paul van den Berg, a business development manager at Wipro Limited in the UK between July 2003 and February 2005, is suing Wipro Ltd, the …


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Anonymous Coward

Keep it up!

Dear Paul,

I went through the same ordeal with one of my former employers. It was the new CEO who was using exactly the same reasoning that Wipro guys are using against you. We know it's a crap - you were the person who really turned the scales - not those dozens of workers who just did their job. So don't let go. Myself, I was lucky because all the other executives were standing rock solid behind me - so I received my bonus. The bastard CEO was fired anyway, as he was a big zero unable to contribute anything on his own.

So keep it up,



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