back to article English court cannot hear SanDisk MP3 patent case

An attempt by Flash memory card maker SanDisk to take on a group of MP3-related patent holders has failed in an English court. The High Court said all of SanDisk's claims fell outside the court's jurisdiction of England and Wales. SanDisk claimed that Philips, France Telecom, TDF, and Institut Für Rundfunktechnik, all of …


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Anonymous Coward

Which patents?

It seems to me that MP3 couldn't possibly have all these inventions in it.

MP3 is:

1. Conversion from spacial domain to frequency domain. This is Fourier mathematics (1600's Mathematician).

2. Removal of frequency components that are masked by other sounds present. (The big idea claimed by Frauenhofer labs).

3. Huffman compression (MIT 1952).

Looks like a troll to me, all of those companies couldn't possibly own patents in what is a relatively simple system.


boo hoo, mp3 is patented, so support ogg vorbis

It's a sad state of affairs that the hardware manufacturers allow patent trolls to bully them.

They alone have the power to move everyone to ogg vorbis support, and out of the vicious circle of existing device support fuelling new device demand cycle.

Never mind the fact I think patents are just plain bad for our (uk) economy.

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