back to article Of ICANN and the Registerfly meltdown

The scorn heaped upon ICANN recently for its laissez faire attitude toward customer allegations of fraud by its accredited registrar Registerfly - a scandal in which ICANN spent the better part of a year repeatedly referring customers back to Registerfly, even in the face of overwhelming evidence of misconduct - has forced ICANN …


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Virtual Problem.... Virtual Solution .....for Real. Hmmm?:-)

"it could still subcontract out such enforcement to a third party security group, much as it subcontracts out domain registration to groups like Registerfly."

Universal Virtual Forces CyberOps ........

A Community of Trust WiiCANN Trust.

Which Allows us to Virtualise Reality. Trust MI. I Kid U Not.

Imagine, and IT's True........ In Virtual Reality, God has SISters and one Mother of a Mother.XXXX A Veritable Goddess of Nymphs.

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