back to article UK wiretap watchdog wants MPs tapped

Official figures have revealed that UK law enforcement agencies and other government agencies made 439,000 requests to tap telephones and email addresses in a 15 month period between 2005 and 2006. A report from the Interception of Communications Commissioner, the UK surveillance watchdog, reports that 4,000 "errors" were made …


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Proposed Solution - it's easy and GREEN!

He's a great idea. Paper communications are a waste of natural resources, and people talking on the telephone produces all those harmful clouds of CO2 with every breath - so we'll save money by routing all communication through a GCHQ email server. In the interests of climate change of course.

And as a side effect we won't have to all the bothersome paperwork to fill in when we want to intercept because, well, you're sending it to us anyway how could you NOT want us to read it.

It's a great plan! Lets have an e-petition about it and when millions of people say they don't want it I can explain to them all the ways they're wrong and don't understand the plan and maybe I didn't explain it well enough.


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